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When my brother, Kyle, told me that Drake dropped a new song I was like, "ohh I have to cover it!!" He helped me come up with some compelling lines and my sister gave me some footwork. The rest is history! This is the most requested sheet music to date, so here's the entire 1 min cover in Bb, improvised intro included!


Note: For Bb instruments, with tenor sax in mind, I made the entire thing one octave lower, except for measures 13-15, so that it could fit better in your range. Feel free to switch octaves if necessary.


P.S. When covering songs I do not write out the sheet music. I come up with everything by ear. Then, I listen back to what I played and write it out just for you!!! Wow, you must be special!

"Toosie Slide" Sheet Music - Saxophone Part in Bb

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