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Yamaha Music is the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer and to be partnered with its brand is a prestige Ashley holds dear. Yamaha’s saxophones lend themselves to a “combination of expressiveness, response and control” elevating Ashley’s voice as a musician. Ashley demonstrates the expressiveness and beautiful tone quality of the YAS82ZII model in a series of short videos made for Yamaha’s TikTok platform.

"Music always played a huge part in Ashley’s life, starting with learning the piano at a very early age. In middle school, Ashley was selected to be a part of the concert band. Since piano was not considered a concert band instrument, she was tasked with selecting a wind instrument or another percussion. In making her decision, she looked to her dad who had played the saxophone as a child. Through his encouragement, Ashley made the choice to pick up the sax and immediately fell in love with the versatility and sound of the instrument. She continued to study jazz saxophone along with classical piano.

When we asked Ashley what inspires her to continue to play today, she answered: “My love for music, creativity, and the work of my peers in the field. I am constantly inspired by what I see/hear others creating, and it motivates me to keep going and tap into my creativity.”

We’re so excited to see all that you will accomplish." - 'Yamaha Music 2022'


Ashley Keiko.jpeg

Every musician knows that finding the right mouthpiece for your instrument can be a challenge. Partnering with Theo Wanne makes it so easy to find the perfect one! These legendary mouthpieces allow the user to play more freely throughout registers and allows more room for creativity and dynamic expression. Through this partnership, Ashley was able to discover the best mouthpiece for her sound and now you can too! Use discount code "KEIKO" for 20% off of your next purchase!

"Ashley Keiko is an up-and-coming saxophonist, composer, singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur who has studied classical piano, and alto saxophone and has taught music for many years. Ashley has performed at major venues such as the Apollo Theater in New York City and Wollongong University in Australia." - 'Theo Wanne 2022'


Ashley is proud to have been a part of the #ShineDifferent campaign from 'Creme of Nature.' Along with other empowered women, Ashley demonstrated her musical talent and beauty with Creme of Nature's excellent hair care products that are made for all kinds of natural hair.  Ashley is honored to be a part of the #ShineDifferent community.

"Social media has created an unprecedented level of access and glimpses into the lives of millions of people all around the world. As a brand, we are inspired not only by the achievements that our curl-friends make in connection to their haircare journeys .. we are also inspired by those in our base who is captivating so many by walking in their true purpose. The problem is that many of these special people are sometimes unsung in popular media .... we're here to change that!" - 'Cream of Nature'

"If pure talent and giving back were a person! We are proud to our tribe to introduce Ashley Keiko" - 'Cream of Nature - 2021"




Having the opportunity to work with an ethical clothing brand has been so rewarding! This campaign was dedicated to International Women's Month,' a celebration of female entrepreneurship. Ashley shared her unique story with LEE and demonstrated how different fabrics can tell all kinds of different empowering stories!

" My passion for music and giving back to my community is what fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. As an entrepreneur, having a top-notch school with quality programming in the community fills a huge void. Music is a universal language and I believe in its positive impact on the human soul. As an entrepreneur, I'm truly making a difference in the lives of others."


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