Ashley Keiko, founder and president of Keiko Studios, Music Academy, is an up and coming musician and entrepreneur who has studied classical piano for fifteen years, the alto saxophone for twelve years, and has been teaching piano for ten years. Ashley received her Master's in Music and Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. While at Columbia University, Ashley also studied abroad at The Arts College at Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, where she practiced music and reflected on the ways in which culture, language, and the arts intersect in a trans-cultural world. Prior to this, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Ashley has performed at the Apollo Theater, at Wollongong University in Australia, and has performed for Steve Harvey on Family Feud.  She has participated as a member of the York College Blue Notes, playing as the lead saxophonist for venues such as Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem and Live at the Gantries. Ashley is a performer, music educator, and advocate, and additionally opened a music academy in January 2018 that caters to adults and children who aim to explore the importance of music and music expression in a community where opportunities for music education are limited. The academy features state of the art equipment and a plethora of classes in all instruments for music enthusiasts of all ages. The school has an extensive staff of skilled instructors proficient in a variety of genres.


Keiko Studios was inspired by Ashley Keiko Chambers, a musician/advocate/educator, exploring the importance of music and how people can express themselves through it. We are now offering private lessons on piano, guitar, vocals, drums, strings, woodwinds, and brass. These instrument lessons offer music theory, sight reading, creative composing, weekly assignments, recitals and other performance opportunities. We also provide group lessons on select instruments, ensembles, preschool music, music theory workshops, room rentals and more! Keiko Studios officially moved into a new location on January 2, 2018! For more information click here: www.keikostudios.com

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